Mike Love als Solist



Looking Back with love

Boardwalk NB 1 33242 [LP Only]; Released 1981,

Produziert von Curt Boettcher


1. Looking Back With Love (J. Studer/C. Thomas/D. Parker) 3:38
2. On And On And On (Benny Anderson/Bjorn Ulvaeus) 3:02
3. Runnin' Around The World (J. Haymer/B. Aaronson) 2:48
4. Over And Over (Robert James Byrd) 2:16
5. Rockin' The Man In The Boat (J. Studer/J. Arnold/M. Brady) 3:20
6. Calendar Girl (Neil Sedaka/H. Greenfield) 3:16
7. Be My Baby (Ellie Greenwich/J. Berry/Phil Spector) 2:39
8. One Good Reason (J. Studer/M. Brady) 4:08
9. Teach Me Tonight (S. Cahn/G. DePaul) 3:28
10. Paradise Found (Mike Love/J. Studer) 3:51

(c) by Harald Bohlken





Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen Tribute (2001)

Arbor Day Song/Plant a Tree

Santa´s goin to Kokomo (2007) – mp3 download

Veröffentlichungen mit Celebration


Almost Summer: Music from the Original Motion Picture Score
MCA Records 3037 [LP]; Released May 8, 1978



1.      Almost Summer (Wilson/Love/Jardine) featuring Mike Love

2.      Sad Sad Summer (Love) featuring Mike Love

3.      Cruisin’ (Love) featuring Mike Love

4.      Lookin’ Good (Altbach)

5.      Summer In The City (Sebastian/Boone) featuring Dave Robinson

6.      It’s OK (Wilson/Love) featuring Dave Robinson

7.      Football (Lloyd/Altbach)

8.      Island Girl (Lloyd)

9.      Christine & Bobby (Altbach)

10. We Are The Future (Laws/Holiday/Bolton/Womack) performed by High Inergy

11. She Was A Lady (Pratt) performed by Fresh



Celebration: Celebration
Pacific Arts Records PAC7-122 [LP]; Released February 21, 1979


1. Getting’ Hungry (Wilson/Love) featuring Mike Love
2. Sailor (Robinson/Altbach) featuring Dave Robinson
3. Lovestruck (Tuleja/Altbach) featuring Dave Robinson
4. She’s Just Out To Get You (Love) featuring Mike Love
5. I Don’t Wanna Know (Love) featuring Dave Robinson
6. Starbaby (Love) featuring Paul Fauerso
7. Go And Get That Girl (Tuleja/Altbach) featuring Dave Robinson
8. How’s About A Little Bit (Wilson/Rovell/Love/Altbach) featuring Mike Love
9. Song Of Creation (Robinson/Altbach) featuring Dave Robinson
10. Country Pie (Tuleja/Altbach) featuring Dave Robinson


Celebration: Disco Celebration
ADC Records  LS-4052 [LP]; Released 1979


1. Disco Symphony (Love/Altbach) featuring Suzanne Wallach
2. You Can Count On Me (Love/Altbach) featuring Paul Fauerso
3. California Girls (Wilson/Love)
4. Party Girl (Love/Altbach) featuring Suzanne Wallach
5. First Love (Fauerso) featuring Paul Fauerso




Veröffentlichungen mit Dean Torrence



(Mike & Dean-LP/MC: Hitbound HR1001/Realistic 51-3009, 1983)

Track List:

01. California Dreamin’

02. The Letter

03. Wild Thing

04. Lightning Strikes

05. Sealed With A Kiss

06. Walk Away Reneé

07. The Locomotion

08. Baby Talk

09. 96 Tears

10. Da Doo Ron Ron

11. Shugar Shack

12. Her Boyfriend’s Back





Beiträge auf Samplern
e Ripchords und The

Various Artists

Listen to the Air, JVC (Japan Only), 1983


Beitrag Mike Love & Dean Torrence

Alley Oop



The Association

New Memories, Hitbound, 1983


Mike Love: “Stagger Lee”



Various Artists

Christmas Party, Hitbound


Mike Love Beiträge:


"Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" [ML],

"Jingle Bell Rock"  [ML w/Dean Torrence] 

"Do You Hear What I Hear ?" [ML w/Mary McGregor]




Various Artists - Karate Kid Soundtrack


(Bob Bob) On The Beach

Interpret: "The Flirts und Jan & Dean"

written and produced by Mike Love




Fourth Of July - A Rockin' Celebration Of America

Love Foundation


"Back In The USSR" [w/ Ringo Starr],

"Come Go With Me" [w/Oak Ridge Boys],
  "Surfer Girl"  [w/Julio Iglesias],

"Barbara Ann" [w/Jimmy Page & Friends] &

"Happy  Birthday America" [ML & friends]

((Ted Mather/Gary Griffin)

Executive Producers: Ron Altbach & Mike Love



Sonstige Veröffentlichungen





Mike Love of The Beach Boys: Catch A Wave 
M.E.L.E. Co 101 [CD]; Released 1996, Produziert von Adrian Baker


1. Catch A Wave
2. Do It Again
3. I Get Around
California Girls
5. Fun Fun Fun
6. Surfin’ Safari
7. Hawaii
Surfin’ USA
9. Surfer Girl




Mike Love, Bruce Johnston & David Marks of the Beach Boys salute NASCAR
M.E.L.E. Co., Tosco Marketing Co., [CD Only];
Released February, 1998, Produziert von Adriam Baker


1. I Get Around (B. Wilson/M. Love)
2. Little Deuce Coupe (B. Wilson/R. Christian)
3. Little Old Lady From Pasadena (D. Altfeld/R. Christian)
4. 409 (B. Wilson/G. Usher/M. Love)
5. Shut Down (B. Wilson/R. Christian)
6. Little GTO (J. Wilkin)
7. Ballad Of Ole' Betsy (B. Wilson/R. Christian)
8. Little Honda (B Wilson/M. Love)
9. Fun, Fun, Fun (B. Wilson/M. Love)
10. Don't Worry Baby (B. Wilson/R. Christian/M. Love)



Summertime Cruisin' - The Unforgettable Favorites of Mike Love and Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys 
Capitol Records/Emi Music Canada [CD]; Released 2001, Produziert von Adrian Baker



1. Catch A Wave
2. Do It Again
3. I Get Around
California Girls
5. Surfin’ Safari
Surfin’ USA
7. Surfer Girl
8. Little Deuce Coupe
9. Little Ol’ Lady
10. Shut Down
11. Don’t Worry Baby
12. Kokomo
13. Good Vibrations
14. Summertime Music (Adrian Baker/Mike Lovw)
15. Camp California (Adrian Baker/Mike Love)







First Love

(Unreleased) 1978; Produced by Paul Fauerso


   1. First Love (Fauerso)
   2. Too Cruel (Love)
   3. You’re Looking Better (Love)
   4. Little Lela (aka Little Darlin) (Love)
   5. I Don’t Wanna Know (Love)
   6. Brian’s Back (Love)
   7. Viggie (Love)
   8. Right Kind Of Love (Love)
   9. Sumahama (Love)
  10. Daybreak (Love)


Auch hier wieder einen herzlichen Dank an Christian


Country Love

(Unreleased) 1978; Produced by Al Perkins


1.      Today I Started Loving You Again (Haggard/Owens)

2.      Dallas (Love)

3.      Beth On The Mesa (Love)

4.      Brand New Start (Love)

5.      Baby, I’m A Changed Man (Love)

6.      Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Bride (Love)

7.      Every I Touch (Turns Into Tears) (Love)

8.      Wrinkles (Love)

9.      My Side Of The Bed (?)

10. Everyone’s In Love With You (Love)

      11.Some Sweet Day (Love)

vielen danke an Christian!



Mike Love Not War (AKA Unleash the Love) 
Unreleased Album [CD]; Produced by  Paul Faureso 2004-2005


1. Unleash The Love (Love)
2. Cool Head, Warm Heart (Love)
3. Anything For You (Love)
4. i) Happy Birthday (Thank You) (Lennon/McCartney)
    ii) Pisces Brother (Love)
5. Everyone’s In Love With You (Love)
6. 10,000 Years (Dennis Wilson/Mike Love)
7. Glow Crescent Glow (Love)
8. Too Cruel (Love) mit Christian Love
9. Brian’s Back (Love) - mit Christian Love
10. I Don’t Wanna Know (Love)
11. Love Foundation (Love)
12. Daybreak (Love)
13. Only One World (Love)